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    Equity Compensation Plans Under the New Deferred Compensation Rules

    By David Binns, Beyster Institute Staff

    The 2005 American Jobs Creation Act brought with it new tax rules which will have an impact on some equity compensation arrangements. Here’s what you’ll need to know about how IRS Code Section 409A applies to deferred compensation.

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    Of Kites and Entrepreneurs

    Ray Smilor, Beyster Institute Executive Director

    What can a kite flying competition in India tell us about entrepreneurship? The ups and downs and hard-earned skills may correlate more than you think.

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    The 2006 Employee Ownership Conference

    By Anna Wood-Vasey, Beyster Institute Staff

    Keep up to date on the latest in employee ownership and find ways to energize your equity sharing program at the upcoming Employee Ownership Annual Conference in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

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    “The One Thing You Need to Know” by Marcus Buckingham

    Review by Debra Sherman, Beyster Institute Staff

    Marcus Buckingham’s latest book advocates building on people’s strengths and focusing on the type of work you enjoy as two important keys to great managing, great leading and individual success.

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